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Why Food Grade Silicone for Home & Kitchen Applications

People are becoming more and more Health and Environmental conscious, the mindfulness about what goes into their bodies is no longer limited to what they eat. It's now involves everything they interact or contact with, including the products used at home and kitchen. Switching from chemicals and plastics, to materials that have been proven SAFER for humans is a growing movement, and Silicone is at the forefront of it. And its unique specialties is becoming a popular choice for Manufacturers & Homemakers with below 10 compelling reasons:

1) BPA Free and Safe for Food Preparation: BPA ( Bisphenol A) is an industrial material found in most plastics. It began making headlines in 2008, studies revealed that it may migrate or leach from the food packaging into foods or beverages, especially at high temperatures. Possible effects of long-term and continued exposure to BPA can linked to health problems such Type 2 diabetes and metabolic disorders (including obesity), and adverse effects on human development and reproduction.

2) Resistant to Bacteria and Fungi: The non-porous nature of Silicone also means it does not have open holes or pores that can harbour bacteria. Easy to sterilize and excellent for sensitive applications, they are commonly used for respiratory tubing and topical medications. In the kitchen, it’s an ideal material to use for bacteria-prone items like cutting boards, placements, coasters, cooking utensils, straws, knife handles and even baby bottle nipples and pacifiers.

3) Odourless, Tasteless and Hypoallergenic: Silicones do not have odors, taste and are non-irritating to skin, making them ideal for medical and food applications. In healthcare, it’s used as ingredient in topical medicines like creams, lotions and gels to make them more pleasant and easier to apply. In the kitchen, they are safe to use for cooking as they do not pass on odours and tastes to food.

4) Moisture and Water-repellent: Silicone is also water resistant. Because of this, they make perfect components for anything that needs protection from moisture – Silicone placement, coaster, sealants and household cleaners and polishers like floor wax all benefit from Silicone.

5) Non-Toxic: Food Grade Silicone is make non-toxic that doesn't contains any chemical fillers or byproducts, making it safe for use with food and excellent for bakeware and cookware products. So ensure using Food Grade Silicone that are food contactable compliances, best be certified FDA and trusted brands manufacturers.

6) Handles extreme Low or High Temperatures: Silicone can endure extreme temperature applications, -180ºF to 600ºF (-118ºC to 316ºC). This means it can go from freezer, to microwave and oven, and not leach into food. Silicones make excellent heat pads, oven mitts, cooking tools and reusable containers because they do not melt and affect food when frozen or heated.

7) Easy to Clean and Sanitise: Silicone non-stick nature reduces the amount of scrubbing needed when it’s time for clean-up. It’s resistant to very high temperatures and acids, so it can be cleaned many ways — steam sterilised, doused with vinegar or popped into the dishwasher.

8) Flexible yet Durable: Silicone is a very malleable material, and most finished products can be bent into different directions. This does not mean however that silicone is a fragile material. In fact, it’s far from that. It does not break as easily as plastics and can endure wear and tear over longer periods of time.

9)Long-lasting and Cost-efficient: Because it’s less susceptible to wear, Silicone products last longer than plastics. They need to be replaced less frequently, which translates to more savings over time.

10) Recyclable and Eco-friendly: The long-lasting properties of Silicones also mean there is less waste at home. Should the need arise to replace a Silicone material, it is also recyclable, and many manufacturers would gladly take in used Silicone items for recycling. While Silicone is not biodegradable, it is also not hazardous waste and is not toxic to aquatic or soil organisms.


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