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Disposable Bibs – Kids Travel Pack
Disposable Bibs – Kids Travel Pack
Disposable Bibs – Kids Travel Pack
Disposable Bibs – Kids Travel Pack
Disposable Bibs – Kids Travel Pack

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Disposable Bibs – Kids Travel Pack

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Liflicon - Kids Disposable Bibs provide a convenient solution for meal time at home or on the go. The Bibs feature a crumb catcher pocket and adhesive strip to hold them in place. They come in a convenient, resealable pouch for easy storage.


Size: 350mm * 250mm     Wt. : 7.5g

10 pieces / bag


  • Keeps Kids Clean - Perfect for catching spills, drips, and solid foods that slip away when your child is eating. Crumb catcher pocket in front helps catch bits and pieces from getting on your child’s clothes.
  • Soft, Strong & Light - Made from a combination of fabric, tissue paper, and waterproof film to provide durable tear resistance and leak protection while still feeling comfortable when worn.
  • Easy to Use - Adhesive strip makes putting on the Bib simple. For cleaning up, simply fold up and toss away the Bib after your child is done with the meals. No extra cleaning or drying required like with general cloth bibs.
  • Fun Design – “ Piggy and Rabbit “ print, cute design for both boys and girls.
  • Perfect On The Go - Comes in a resealable package that fits in purses or diaper bags. Perfect and convenient for travel in cars or vehicles, staying at hotels, dining in restaurants or public places, or just at home.
  • Environmental Friendly - 10 pieces packed in individual disposable envelop, no mess around.