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Spunlace Disposable Rags
Cotton Material 30% thicker
Wet Usage - No Pilling
Nanoscale Plant Fiber
No fluorescent agent
Smooth and Soft Hand Feeling
Good Water Absorption & Oil Absorption
Clean conveniently
Multi-purposes usage
Easy Clean
Certification for CE, GB and FDA

Liflicon-SG Online

Liflicon - Home & Kitchen Multi-purpose Spun-lace Disposable Wipes

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Authentic Design & Innovated for Kitchen Convenient and Ease of Cleaning

Liflicon - Multi-purpose Spun-lace Disposable Wipes great for Home & Kitchen Cleaning. 

Product Packed Dimension: 202mm*105mm*60mm  Wt. 125g

Wipe Size:  205mm*190mm*0.8mm

 50 Wipes per Pack.  



1,Individual Package and Removable Design,Easy to use in one-hand operation; Spunlace non woven fabric with isotropic properties and more durable.

2,Innovative Wet and Dry dual use design instead cloth, dish towel for Home & Kitchen Cleaning.

3,Rub Resistance, Water Absorption, Oil Absorption; More Hygienic to avoid Secondary Contamination of Dishcloth, Protect families from harmful bacterial damage.

4,Renewable and Recyclable material, Fluorescer and Decolorizer Free, Healthy and Eco-friendly.