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Ceramic Knife with Soft Silicone and Knife Cap foe Safe keeping after use.
Ceramic Knife comes with cover
Green Handle Ceramic Knife
Easy cutting of Oranges
Easy for cutting apple
Sharpness cutting of apple

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Ceramic Knife with Silicone Handle

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Authentic Creative Design Product By Liflicon

92mm Ceramic Knife Blade with Soft Silicone Handle Grips for Safe Cutting. Prefect for Cutting Fruits and Food Preparation.  Lightweight and Sharp with a Silicone Handle for Best Grip Comfort.


Size:  220mm*35mm*20mm      Weight: 65g


  • Food Grade Silicone and Ceramic material, Antimicrobial, Non-moldy and Non toxic.
  • Certified FDA Compliance and BPA Free.
  • Repels odors and stains
  • 100% Rust Proof and Corrosion Free.