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Silicone Noodle Server - Tango
Silicone Noodle Server - Tango
Silicone Noodle Server - Tango
Silicone Noodle Server - Tango

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Silicone Noodle Server - Tango

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Authentic Brand Design.

Liflicon Silicone Noodle Server best for noodle Scooping & Serving. 

Size:  365mm*75mm*60mm   Wt. 145g

Hygienic solid Silicone ergonomically designed for comfortable soft grip. FDA & LFGB Compliance, BPA Free, Antimicrobial. Heat resistant Silicone Noodle Server up to 230ºC that will not dis-colour, wrap or melt. Non-stick Server : Won't scratch pots and pans. Dishwasher safe utensil for quick and easy clean up. This Silicone Noodle Server is ideal for serving, food preparation and more.

Product Use & Cares:

1) Do not put direct fire flame to the product.
2) Do not wash or clean with aggressive detergents or chemical i.e. hydrochloric acid.
3) Do not use steel ball scrubber on Silicone surface.
4) Do not leave utensil in the frying pan or wok unattended when fire is on to avoid overheating/burn. Safety First!

Wash, Clean, Dry and Store will keep it long lasting and nice looking.